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Tapestry College Group Kick off!

Last night I met with some college students up at Westmont for the fall kick off of the Tapestry College Group! We shared about our summers, & decided we want to memorize some scripture together. Feel free to join us in memorizing this truth! ūüôā

PS If you want to use the image as your phone or computer background, feel free to use it to help you memorize some of the Word!

tapestry college group verse of the week 8.28.13

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Praying over Westmont

praying over westmontEarlier this week I walked around Westmont praying for all of the new & returning students…praying they would transition into the new year, let God guide their lives, & live for Jesus each & every day.


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What Does Jesus Have to do with Chickfila?

chickfila jesusWhat does Jesus have to do with chick-fil-a?

This was how I started my message with my middle schoolers earlier this week. ¬†They had some very creative answers :: “God made chickens.” “Milkshakes & good & God is good.” “We can talk about Jesus at chick-fil-a.”

Awesome! I ended up going more in the direction of talking about how Jesus emphasized mealtimes as very important…feeding 5,000, The Last Supper, eating with the outcast… We talked about what it would mean to be more intentional with our meal times….inviting others to join us, & also sitting down with our families & eliminating distractions during dinnertime.


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tapestry inspiration 2“I accomplish more when I rest wholly in the labor of Jesus than when I frantically try to do the work for him.” AW Tozar


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Forest Home!

foresthome prepIn July I spent a week with some of my wonderful middle schooler at FOREST HOME! But we couldn’t start our week without :: a huge pink fluffy blanket, balloons, streamers, a rhyming book, glow in the dark stars, peanut butter m&ms, bubbles, fairy wings, cheez its, glow sticks & “the party’s here” sign. ¬†Obvious necessities. But our sign really did hold true the whole week…we brought the party with us wherever we went ūüôā From late night dance parties, to dress up dinners, to polar bearing in the creek, so screaming contests, to the ropes course, to ziplining, to feet washing, to worshipping….it was one big Jesus party!

#awesome #sogood #classic

When we returned, every single one of these students stood up in front of the church at both the morning services & shared about their experiences. ¬†A few of them were inspired to read 100 Bible passages…each of which was 1-4 chapters. Jesus is at work in the lives of these students!


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Tapestry on the Beach July 7

Tapestry on the Beach July 7

At our latest Tapestry on the Beach, on July 7, Jessica asked us to each write down “our vision for the world.” Then we each passed out paper to a different person and added on to THEIR vision, and then did the same thing 1 more time. So each of these scraps of paper represents a combinatiion of 3 different people’s vision for the world. Enjoy these beautiful words (and pictures) and think about how you can help make one of these visions a reality…today ūüôā We are a community. Let’s do this together.
Love, Mycah

tap19 tap2 tap3 tap4 tap5 tap6 tap7 tap8 tap9 tap10 tap11 tap12 tap13 tap14 tap15 tap16 tap17 tap18

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Life Abundant.

Not just existing, not just eating, or breathing or going with the flow.  LIFE with a capital L.

What kind of life would it be if we were just here to go through the motions, and then die?  A pretty depressing and purposeless life if you ask me.


John 10:10 tells us that Jesus did not come to earth to steal, kill or destroy like a thief.  But that he came to give us life ABUNDANT.  Life to the fullest.

“Dancing to the beat of God’s heart.”

Abundant life, in the way we life and move and breathe. ¬†Abundant life in our meal times, as we eat and enter into community. ¬†As we play and work. ¬†Laugh and cry. ¬†In our choices, how we interact with others. ¬†In the mundane…as we drive, get gas, grocery shop, wait in line, wait at the doctor, get coffee, do the dishes, listen…

“Life full of the kind of freedom and love and courage Jesus lived himself and gave his community” (Dorothy Bass).

This type of abundant isn’t about “more.” It is not about more things, more time, more opportunities, more. ¬†But about a full way of life, full of the Spirit, full of love, freedom, and joy. ¬†Not in a cheesy o-what-a-nice-idea kind of way, but in a very real only-possible-from-God kind of way. ¬†The more we get to know God, spend time in His presence, the more real this becomes. ¬†There is peace in this kind of abundant living.

“Our hears are restless until they rest in You.” Augustine of Hippo

Love, Mycah

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