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Magic Mountain (Youth Group!)

Last week our youth groups partnered with Montecito Covenant Church and we spent the day at Magic Mountain!  16 from our church and 16 from theirs….and 105 degree heat! It was a great day to get to know new students, scream till we almost lost our voices, chat in the long lines, and eat a delicious dinner at in-n-out.

magic mountain youth group summer 2013

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Tapestry on the Beach July 7

Tapestry on the Beach July 7

At our latest Tapestry on the Beach, on July 7, Jessica asked us to each write down “our vision for the world.” Then we each passed out paper to a different person and added on to THEIR vision, and then did the same thing 1 more time. So each of these scraps of paper represents a combinatiion of 3 different people’s vision for the world. Enjoy these beautiful words (and pictures) and think about how you can help make one of these visions a reality…today 🙂 We are a community. Let’s do this together.
Love, Mycah

tap19 tap2 tap3 tap4 tap5 tap6 tap7 tap8 tap9 tap10 tap11 tap12 tap13 tap14 tap15 tap16 tap17 tap18

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Candyland Night!

At a recent 12:2 (junior high youth group) event, we had a Candyland night! We dressed up as the game board characters, & drew a life size game board in the parking lot 🙂

Here are the costume winners! Queen Frostine, Plumpy, & King Candy!


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Tapestry on the Beach!

Tapestry on the Beach!

See you this afternoon at Goleta Beach 🙂

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Don’t Forget WHOSE You are

Don't Forget WHOSE You are

I recently read this on Margaret Finberg’s blog and wanted to share it with you:

“In the midst of the buttery corn-on-the-cob, juicy watermelon, and left-a-little-too-long-on-the-grill hot dogs, may we take the time to celebrate that we are a part of a great nation. One that provides freedom, hope, and dreams to everyone.

But may we also remember that we are all part of a greater Kingdom.

One that lifts up the least of these.

Stands beside the marginalized.

Gives generously.

Pursues peace.

Lavishes grace.

Loves enemies.

Blesses others.

Offers mercy.

Walks humbly.

Serves the King.

Acts justly.

May we all walk as people under the rule and reign of the Kingdom of God each and every day.”

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Fullness of Joy

Fullness of Joy

I’ve been reading “A Generous Orthodoxy” by Brian McLaren and love this quote 🙂

“In God’s presence is fullness of joy.”

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