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6 Reasons to Check Out Tapestry!

Hey Westmont Students!

We are SO excited you are back! And a special welcome to all new students! Tapestry is an awesome community just down the hill from you… 4 minutes and 17 seconds away… I timed it yesterday :). Join us on Sundays at 5! Here are 6 reasons you should check out Tapestry:

1) Free food! Who can pass up this type of offer? Not me! It’s nice to get a break from the DC. Free dinner following the service every week!

2)  Ride the Santa Barbara Trolley! Yes, it’s true! Meet in the DC parking lot at 4:45. (The address is 1455 East Valley Road in Santa Barbara). Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet us at Westmont on Saturday

Are you at Westmont?  tapestry will be there, too, for the church fair this Saturday, August 25th.  Look for Mycah and Uriah–they’ve got more information on the service (free transportation! free food!), plus free stuff for you to take home!


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Making contact

I listen to a lot of public radio.  One of my favorite programs is Snap Judgment, a weekly collection of stories on topics ranging from the circus to forgiveness.  I recently heard what may be the most touching segment yet, prison chaplain Chris Hoke on what happened after the jail he worked in issued a no-contact order.  You can listen to Chris’s story here.

(I’ll warn you, this one’s a real tearjerker.  I first listened to it while I was out running, and started bawling on Micheltorena Street.  I played it later for my husband in the car, and for a minute he could barely see the road through his emotion.)

Chris begins by talking about what life as a prison chaplain was like before the no-contact order.  Tough guys, gang members and drug dealers, would come to his Bible study just for the hugs and the hand-holding–this was “the one place where [they] could receive such a healthy touch.”  In his one-on-one visits, Chris, recalls, the men never wanted to let go of his hand–even to wipe their noses.  These prisoners were big, scary, guys, but Chris wasn’t scared.  Instead, he says, “I didn’t deserve this,” didn’t deserve the way the men opened their hearts to him.  For maybe the first time, Chris understood what the word sacrament meant. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeff’s sermon, 8/19/12

Click here to listen to Jeff’s sermon from Sunday

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Jeff’s sermon, 8/12/12

Jeff’s 8/12/12 sermon is here

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Jeff’s sermon, 8/5/12

You can listen to Jeff’s sermon from Sunday, 8/5/12, here

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